Carol and Jack Sanders

  • Posted on: 17 March 2015
  • By: Admin

Following is a letter written by the orchestra director out at Pomona college, when he found out about Gordon's passing. At the end is a link where people can hear the piece that Gordon arranged for guitar and orchestra.

Hello Orchestra, On its November 2003 program, the PCO performed a harpsichord work called Fandango, attributed to the baroque composer Antonio Soler, in an arrangement for guitar and small orchestra done by Gordon Wright. Jack Sanders was our guitar soloist, and ours were the permiere performances of the arrangement.A few current members of the orchestra were involved in that piece, including Abby Browning, Eric Tang, Alma Zook, and Elicia Whittlesey. Others, including Debra Hurwitz, Jonathan Wright (no relation), Corinna Cook, Lucie McGee, Hollie Lohff, and Don Lawrence, played on the same program (which included Copland's Appalachian Spring and the Ives Second Symphony) but were not assigned to that piece. I thought you should know that Mr. Wright passed away last week at his home in Alaska, at the age of 72. During his career he was active as a conductor, founded multiple orchestras, and championed neglected composers. He attended our performances of his arrangement and was enthusiastic and friendly throughout his visit. The arrangement of Fandango was colorful, effective, and fun to perform. If you would like to hear the PCO's rendition -- still the only live performances of it, so far as I know -- go to